[PDF] True Crime: British Monsters Vol. 4 : 20 Horrific British

True Crime: British Monsters Vol. 4 : 20 Horrific British Serial Killers (Serial Killers UK)

by Robert Keller

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20 Shocking True Crime Stories of Britain’s Worst Serial Killers

True Murder Cases included in this volume;

Stephen Port: Gay serial killer who used the dating app Grindr to trawl for victims, who were then drugged, raped and dumped in a local churchyard.

Colin Pitchfork: When two young girls are murdered in a tiny English village, the police turn to newly discovered DNA technology for an answer. But will they catch the killer before he strikes again?

Catherine Flannagan & Margaret Higgins: Malevolent Irish-born sisters who turned murder into a cottage industry in 1880’s Liverpool.

Steven Grieveson: Known as the ‘Sunderland Strangler’ Grieveson murdered four teenaged boys in order to keep his homosexuality a secret.

Robert Maudsley: Known as Hannibal the Cannibal, Maudsley slaughtered four men – and ate the brains of one of his victims!

Colin Norris: Narcissistic gay nurse who murdered four of his elderly patients simply because they annoyed him.

Mary Wilson: A black widow with a twist, the elderly Wilson did not kill for money but rather to facilitate her quest to find true love.

Mark Rowntree: Psychotic teen who terrorized the town of Bingley, stabbing four victims to death in an attempt to emulate his hero, the serial killer Donald Nielson.

John Scripps: A globe-trotting British serial killer who left a trail of mutilated bodies from Singapore to Mexico to Thailand.

Angus Sinclair: Scottish psychopath who raped and murdered at least six young women and was the first man convicted under Scotland’s revised Double Jeopardy law.




Plus 10 more shocking cases. Scroll up to grab a copy of British Monsters Volume 4.

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True Crime: British Monsters Vol. 4 : 20 Horrific British Serial Killers (Serial Killers UK) Robert Keller














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